Why Choose Our Diagnostic Lab

Before expanding our test menu, we started out as a toxicology lab serving folks looking to recover from addiction and get off the streets as quickly as possible. During this time, we made a name for ourselves by being fast, responsive, and compassionate at every turn. Today, our diagnostic lab brings that same level of urgency and friendly service to every testing procedure.

Testing for Every Budget

Inspired by our unique background, we've made it our mission to focus on well-served and underserved communities equally. The way we see it, economic struggles or disadvantages should never keep you from getting the quality service you deserve. No matter what your means are, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, using your data with care and delivering top-tier testing. We even work with doctors and other health care organizations to maintain a pay-it-forward fund providing regular checkups to those in need.

Quality, Precision, & Accuracy

A lot of folks treat precision and accuracy as one and the same, but to us, these are individual qualities, and our work must meet standards for each of them. We firmly believe that quality assurance is of the utmost importance. In order to earn your trust in your results, we adhere to a stringent process that eliminates room for error. Additionally, our team is in the process of expanding our certifications with different designations, and ultimately, this will better prove our skills and help us earn your confidence.

Lab Workers