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Lab Urine Testing for Drug Screening

Magnus Diagnostics Labs provides laboratory urine testing for drugs of abuse in Bethesda, Maryland. Our testing processes follow all regulations and protocols to ensure everything is done correctly and the results are accurate and precise. Services are available for treatment centers, facilities, and agencies in the Metropolitan area and Baltimore that wish to screen potential candidates or to ensure current employees are not using drugs. Our drug tests can detect:

• Amphetamine
• Barbiturates
• Benzodiazepine
• Buprenorphine
• Cannabinoid (THC)
• Cocaine
• Ecstasy (MDMA)
• Ethyl Alcohol
• Fentanyl
• Heroin
• Hydrocodone
• Methadone
• Opiates
• Oxycodone
• Phencyclidine
• Oxidant
• pH-Detect
• Specific Gravity
• Urine Creatinine

Urine Testing

Urine samples are often used by the courts, so we treat every sample we collect as if it were evidence in a court case. Our expertise ensures that the chain of custody is properly followed to insure the integrity of the urine sample and accuracy is never compromised. All of the urine testing supplies you need will be provided by us, including instructions on how to collect urine samples properly.

On-Site Drug Screening

Every day, we work closely with companies of all sizes and all industries for their drug screening needs. When collecting specimens at your facility, you will use the collection supplies we provide and you will follow our collection procedures for all drug screens. As our client, your test results will be transmitted in a secure and confidential manner.