About Us

Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service independent clinical reference laboratory. Our testing practices and technology equips healthcare providers with the very latest in reporting and tracking capabilities that are currently available. We tailor our systems to meet the needs of every healthcare provider, so they respond faster, with clearer insights, into the health status of patients and clinical trials.

We are able to collect, test, analyze, and report multiple sample types for review across a wide spectrum of industries. From routine primary care doctor level testing to high complexity molecular quantitation testing. Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc. also conducts specialized testing for rare diseases, disorders and Neuro-degenerative conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia. We also provide opioid epidemic related drugs of abuse testing in urine toxicology and therapeutic drugs level monitoring for clinics and doctors. The capabilities of Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc. allow us to conduct testing to support the search for new treatments by researchers to develop cures for a wide range of cancers and other chronic terminal illnesses.

We strive to provide excellence in laboratory testing and have been in operation for over 5 years. Our specialties include drugs of abuse toxicology testing, research and development testing, primary care patient testing, and therapeutic drug level monitoring contracts. We can service 46 states with our current certification. Sample preparation and transport will vary with geographic considerations.

Core Competencies 
Primary care patient testing.
Drugs of abuse toxicology testing
Therapeutic drugs testing
Research and development (clinical trials) testing

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments MBE Certified DBE Certified SBE Certified